Correct. Whole wheat bread is the better choice.
Whole Wheat Bread
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Incorrect. Carrot cake with cream cheese icing has 419 calories and 25 grams of fat per slice.
Good job. Can you think of other examples of product life cycles and identify the various stages?
Correct. Pound cake is lower in calories.
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Baked Potato
Best Choice
Draws on rigorous research. 
Potatoes Au Gratin
Evaluation of whether a program is following prescribed practices or processes, or simply to learn what is going on. 
Standards for comparison
Specific outcomes for intended beneficiaries, as well as costs.
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Pound Cake
Programs and policies are assessed based on some set of expectations, formulated by various key groups—program sponsors, program managers, practitioners, and participants, for example.
Carrot Cake with Icing
Evaluation is a practical craft designed to improve policies and programs.  
Incorrect. Cheese, butter and milk in potatoes au gratin add more calories.
Correct. Baked potato without any added toppings is the better choice.
Evaluation: Systematic assessment of operations or outcomes of a policy or program, compared to a set of standards, as a means to improve the policy or program. Ultimately, this method has proven more effective than others in helping us understand what works in terms of policies and programs.
Incorrect. French bread has more calories.
Select the correct term for the definition.
French Bread
Standards for comparison
If your course is difficult, use these study strategies:Enroll in only one or two difficult courses a semester. Avoid taking difficult courses during short semesters.If presentation quality is poor, get help from tutors, supplemental readings, and online study groups.If you are in a formal learning situation, study the subject every day, use a formal note-taking system when reading the chapters, and use a study guide. Form a study group with your online peers.
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You will evaluate the difficulty of one of your current courses by answering questions on the "Range of Difficulty Continuum."Choose a course you're currently taking.For each dimension, identify where the course belongs on the continuum by selecting the blue rectangles.After evaluating your course, read the recommended study strategies for courses that are hard, unclear, and formal.
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